2011 - 55th Annual - The Heart of Naturopathic Medicine

2011 NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention Report

55th Annual - Vancouver, BC
Dr. Todd Farnsworth, NWNPC Chair

The Heart of Naturopathic Medicine was celebrated at the 55th annual Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention (NWNPC) held May 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency in beautiful downtown Vancouver, BC. True to this theme the conference featured a cardiovascular emphasis with lectures on Naturopathic Treatment Protocols for Cardiovascular Disease by Dr. Martin Milner, a Pharmacology Update on Cardiology and Diabetes by Dr. Jean Jacques Dugoua and Iron Metabolism by Dr. Russell Marz. These central topics were complimented by keynote addresses from Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, Dr. Brian Goldman, Dr. Alan Gaby and Dr. Alex Vasquez. The conference also featured an endocrine focus including lectures by Dr. Pamela Jeanne on the Hormonal Milieu in the Aging Process, Dr. Henri Knafo on BHRT Therapy and Dr. Clara Cohen on TCM Treatments for Gynaecological Issues. Timely topics such as HCG Therapy in Weight Loss by Dr. Les Griffith, Primary Care for Pregnant Patients by Dr. Cathy Carlson Rink, Biomedical Interventions for Autism by Dr. Anita Bratt and Therapeutic Exercise for Low Back Pain by Dr. Ryan Oughtred were balanced by a timeless lecture on the Classic Principals of Naturopathic Medicine by Dr. James Sensenig.

Dr. Alan Gaby

The 2011 NWNPC was hosted by the BCNA with the generous support and sponsorship of Dr. Chris Turner, NDNR and Biotics. Meridian Valley Laboratories and Can Prev Premium Natural Health Products sponsored luncheons. The convention served as the site for the second annual Bob’s Red Mill Cup, a student competition providing $14,000 in scholarship money. Congratulations to the three finalists, Harmonie Eleveld of CCNM, Jessica Kooima of SCNM and Erin Sharman of NCNM. Each student gave a ten minute speech on Food as Medicine. Thanks go out to Bob’s Red Mill, National College of Natural Medicine, the Naturopathic Medical Student Association and Dr. Chris Turner for their support of the BRM Cup.