2008 - 52nd Annual

2008 NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention Report

52nd Annual - Vancouver, BC
Dr. Todd Farnsworth, NWNPC Committee Chair

A huge thank you to all the delegates, exhibitors and speakers who helped make the 52nd annual Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention a success. It was also the largest and most successful conference ever hosted in BC.

Our delegates came from across the continent: Alberta, Alaska, Arizona, BC, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nova Scotia, Nevada, Ontario, Oregon, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Washington, and Wisconsin. In addition, we welcomed exhibitors from those states and provinces as well as from Texas, Virginia, Illinois and Florida.

Overall the speaker line-up was very well received. Tree Farm Tapes was on hand to record lectures (as CD or MP3). Contact them directly (www.treefarmtapes.com) for information on ordering. If you would like an additional copy of the syllabus, or a CD with all the speaker notes in PDF format, contact the BCNA (www.bcna.ca). For information on Dr. Abramson’s book contact the BCNA. Our opening plenary speaker, Dr. James Duke, celebrated his 79th birthday at the Northwest. Thank you James for providing us with your wealth of insight and expertise.

Some thanks are in order for all the organizational work involved in hosting the event too. The NWNPC committee includes doctors from across the Canadian and US Pacific Northwest. I would like to thank all directors for accepting various tasks and roles that helped move the convention along smoothly. We were ably supported by Dr. David Bayley as MC. Also, Dr. Scott Tyler helped organize entertainment on both Friday and Saturday evening. The arcade, DJ, live music and magic were a wonderful accompaniment to the seminars. The Healing Hands seminar Saturday morning provided a wonderful opportunity to share technique. Thanks to Dr. Hal Brown for facilitating this event. And I’d like to thank the BCNA staff, Glenn Cassie and Pascale Rootham, for managing registration.

Our balloon raffle was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the doctors who participated. Our big Hills Health Ranch spa getaway was won by BC’s Dr. Jonas LaForge. In turn, Hills Health Ranch staffers, Juanita Corbett and Regula Wittmer, won the LCD TV and DVD player.  Generosity truly does have it’s rewards! There were many other prizes awarded of course. Our thanks to Dr. Lisa Connoly for the Keirestell B&B Weekend, won by Dr. Erik Gilbertson of Washington; Drs. Kelly Farnsworth and Mark Percival, Patricia Hutchison and Cheri Percival for the Apex Ski vacation, won by Victoria’s Dr. Jane Rohon O’Halloran; accommodation at the Hilton for the 2009 NW, won by BINM grad Jese Wiens; registration at the 2009 NWNPC, won by Dr. Bruce Milliman of Seattle, a long-time NWNPC supporter; and of course, we had many other contributions, including Ferlow Brothers Botanicals (also on the exhibit floor), Hyatt, Lifespa, and local merchants.

At the Saturday banquet we honoured Dr. Chris Turner of Manitoba for his many years of support and especially his generosity. An 80th birthday card, signed by doctors and staff at NCNM as well as alumnae, was presented to my father Dr. Gerald Farnsworth. Other elders in attendance included Drs. Allan Tyler and Betty Radelet.

I feel the Hyatt provided exceptional opportunities for colleague and supplier interaction. There were some drawbacks in terms of overall space, particularly the size of our breakout room, but as the profession grows, and demands for space increase, we are limited in the venues available to us. The Hyatt is one of three Vancouver hotels that allows us to host a convention on one level in adjacent rooms—a priority for the committee as we plan ahead.

For those of you who attended and haven’t sent in a feedback form, please take the time to do so. Our committee reviews all feedback and uses your suggestions and preferences as a means to develop future conventions.