2006 - 50th Annual

2006 NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention Report

50th Annual - Tacoma, WA
Dr. Karl Peterson, ND DC

The 50th Annual NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention was held in Tacoma, Washington, USA, April 20-23, 2006.  The Convention used three venues within four days to showcase the new downtown Tacoma.  The Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, was the main location with all lectures, vendors and meals convening there in the daytime.  Thursday morning started off with a history of Naturopathic Medicine and a history of the convention.  Letitia Watrous ND followed right in line with water cure and Constitutional Hydrotherapy only to release 50 butterflys to kick off the celebration.  Thursday evening the WANP held a reception upstairs on the top floor looking out over the Tacoma Dome to the bay below and onward to Mt. Rainier.

NCNM was the recipient of a ’50' year quilt made by Lillie M. Kizer and Nancy Fraser.  It contained silk screened pictures of the past schools, past founders of Naturopathic History and watercure photos provided by Friedhelm Kirchfeld.  The 16 gold sponsors were honored for their involvement with honorary doctor bags including stool samples and doctor kits made from Joe Boxer underwear along with a more serious laser engraved statue.  Comic Swami Beyondananda performed a standup routine for 20 minutes to end the reception on a fun note.

Friday morning Dr. Russ Kolbo and his wife Cherie from Maui, Hawaii, presented all those delegates who entered the 8am session with a fresh flower lei as Friday kicked off Hawaiian Daze.  Christine Gregoire, Governor of the State of Washington, welcomed the delegates via DVD to the 50th annual convention.  Friday night had those in absolute stitches as ‘the Amazing Kreskin’ wowed the audience at the Pantages Theatre.  He did his whole 2 and 1/2 hour show which included hypnosis at the end.  Unfortunately he found his check so we had to pay him for his services, but it was well worth the fun.  As he read peoples minds in the audience and performed card tricks if he picked you for a stunt you knew he truly is ‘Amazing’ as only you could have known the answer.