2005 - 49th Annual

2005 NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention Report

49th Annual - Vancouver, BC
Dr. Todd Farnsworth, NWNPC Committee Chair

The ”49th Convention on the 49th Parallel” was held at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, April 19-22, 2005. The venue was an unqualified hit. This four-diamond hotel first opened in 1939 and exudes elegance and history. Situated in the very heart of Vancouver this spacious property provided an ideal site for our rapidly growing convention.

Dr. Todd Farnsworth (right) with wife Janet FarnsworthThe three-day convention drew over 300 delegates, 70 naturopathic medical students, and 60 exhibitors. The NWNPC committee kept our mission front and centre: Excellence in continuing education, camaraderie within the naturopathic community and financial support to the naturopathic profession.

Seventeen hours of continuing education were offered this year. We selected the ageless theme of family medicine and lectures ranged from pediatrics and women’s health to men’s health to geriatrics. Naturopathic standards such as nutrition, botanical medicine and pharmacology were complimented by concurrent lectures and demonstrations in physical medicine, prolotherapy, TCM, homeopathy and mind/body medicine.