The History of NWNPC

by G. R. Farnsworth, D.C., N.D.
March 2003

The NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Conventions is the longest existing annual convention of naturopathic medicine in the world!

It has been rewarding to have been serving in some capacity on the convention committee from its’ inception. Having missed only one convention in that time, I have seen the attendance grow and the quality of the convention improve. I believe we have only started to tap the potential of this convention as there are unlimited growth possibilities with its resultant rewards.

This convention provides a unique opportunity to enhance regional strengths. Ideally, there should be similar regional conventions in eastern Canada, northeast, southeast, mid-central, and southwest areas of the United States . There should not be any conflict with either state or national associations. Rather, they should embrace each other. Desirably, the national associations’ conventions should not be held in the same state that is hosting a regional convention, such as the Northwest, in the same year. It would be nice to think states/provinces would not intentionally compete with seminars, etc. during the same weekend.

Dr. Jim Sensenig, the past President of the A.A.N.P. states that this is the outstanding convention of the year, not solely due to academia, but due to the camaraderie that accompanies it.


In addition to the following brief written history, I recorded this welcome message to you, my fellow naturopathic colleagues and health care practitioners. If you see my at the convention, please stop and say, "Hello!" Naturopathic medicine has been my life and I am here to share my knowledge, stories and advice.