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The Hall of Fame was developed to recognize outstanding contributors to the NWNPC. On April 27, 2002, aboard the MV Brittania in the inner harbours of Vancouver, B.C., a total of thirteen individuals and two companies were inducted into the Hall of Fame during the inaugural ceremonies. Following are pictures of the Hall of Fame inductees and the induction ceremony biographies.

NWNPC Honorary Inductees

The following three individuals have contributed to the success of the NWNPC by working diligently, usually behind the scenes. Please welcome Dawn Peterson, Pat Hutchinson and Glenn Cassie in the category of Honorary Supporters of the NWNPC.

Dawn Peterson, Pat Hutchinson and Glenn CassieDawn Peterson’s efforts have contributed to the endurance of the NWNPC at a time when Washington played host every second year to the conference. Her countless hours, direct and indirect support and finishing touches played an integral role in the growing success of the convention.

Pat Hutchinson has participated in three of the last four NWPNC in British Columbia. She has arranged speakers, organized registrations, helped with accounting needs and performed countless other duties to ensure the success of the conference.

Glenn Cassie has been instrumental to the development of the NWNPC. He has undertaken numerous tasks necassary to coordinate a conference of this magnitude. He has been innovative in organizing events such as the Medical Equipment Swap Meet. Through all of this expertise and enthusiam Glenn remains the consumate profesional.

NWNPC Builders

Organizing this conference requires hundreds of hours of dedication. Meeting the standards established by conventions-past requires imagination, innovation and diligence. Doing so every two years requires stamina and commitment. These are the qualities demonstrated by our first inductee in the category of NWNPC builder; Dr. Karl Peterson.

Dr. Karl Peterson and Dr. Todd FarnsworthAt the conclusion of each of the last three Seattle conventions, Dr. Peterson has given us notice that he doesn’t want to organize the next Washington convention. Then, a few months go by and without being asked he and Dawn are thinking about who would be great keynote speakers (remember Dr. Heimlich) and what social events would draw us closer (remember casino nights and the 50′s dinner). Karl is an amazing man. Karl delivers.

One of the reasons the NWNPC is so successful is because of its continuity. You can count on it. The convention is held each spring and consistently delivers quality and entertainment. This is no accident. Stability starts at the top. We have had the luxury of having a group of experienced leaders on the NWC committee. In particular we have had the stalwart direction of a man of boundless energy, unique wisdom and most importantly, experience.

Dr. Todd Farnsworth and Dr. Gerry FarnsworthPlease join me in honouring Dr. Gerald R. Farnsworth as a Hall of Fame NWNPC Builder. Dr. Gerry has been at the helm of our ship for 47 years! He has served as the chair of the committee and still gives us direction and input that ensures success. He has organized conventions, lectured at conventions, been the M.C. of conventions, spearheaded hospitality rooms and promoted the convention, as he has the profession, with all of his heart. Congratulations Dr. Gerry.

In Memoriam (presented by Dr. G.R. Farnsworth)

I am in the unique position of having had strong friendships with all four of the inductees in the next category. The NWNPC owes much of it’s success and durability to the involvement of the following four individuals: Anne Fleming, Dr. Evelyn McConnel, Dr. Doug Kirkbride and Dr. Joe Boucher.

Hall of Fame MemoriamIn one way or another these generous souls gave parts of themselves for a profession they loved and a cause they believed in. They would be proud to look upon tonight’s gathering and know that their work has been rewarded. I am pleased to unveil a memorial display on their behalf. Feel free to visit the display as the evening goes on. Please join me in a moment of silence for Dr. Joe, Dr. Doug, Dr. Evelen and Anne.

Dr. Doug Kirkbride

Native son of Naniamo, B.C.. Apprentice pharmacist prior to entering National College of Drugless Physicians in Chicago where he received Doctorates in Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Doug KirkbrideCharter Member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association (1955). Served many years on the executive of the CNA and was a Past President. Served on the board of the ANPBC for many years as well as Past President.

Was one of the committee members who organized the first NWNPC, held in Naniamo in 1957. At this inaugural convention he took every attendee and their spouse for a magnificent supper on opening night, all at his own expense. He was a constant attendee at every convention until his passing. He was a contributor as well, lecturing many times on botanical medicines.

A staunch supporter of the Gideon movement, he was invited to sing over the NBC radio network at one of their conventions.

His passing was a great loss to his family, his community (indeed, all of Vancouver Island), and to his beloved profession.

Angeline Fleming

Beloved wife of Dr. Robert Fleming and devoted sister of Dr. Joseph Boucher. While not a physician, she supported the Naturopathic profession in many ways.

Angeline FlemingAnne served many years as an Assistant Secretary of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association and assisted in many facets of the Canadian Naturopathic Association.

Anne was constant helper and attendee of the NWNPC, having attended every convention since it’s inception, until illness made attendance impossible.

Dr. Evelyn McConnel

Dr. Evelyn McConnel attended Western States College in Portland, Oregon when she was the only lady in the class, graduating in 1939. While in Portland she met Fred Loffler who was studying at Western States. They married in 1940. Upon his graduation they formed the team of Dr. Evelyn McConnel Lofffler and Dr. Fred W. Loffler until 1964.

Dr. Evelyn McConnelDr. McConnel was a constant supporter of the profession. She was a Charter Member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association. She served many years on the Board of the ANPBC and also served as Secretary of the ANPBC.

Dr. McConnel attended every NWNPC from 1957 until her untimely passing in an automobile accident on May 15, 1964.

Dr. Joseph Boucher

Dr. Boucher received his Chiropractic and Naturopathic degrees from Western States College. No member has given more to his profession!

Dr. Joseph BoucherDr. Boucher formed a committee of three (With Dr. Kirkbride and Dr. Gerald Farnsworth), to organize the inaugural NWNPC. He continued to serve the NWNPC committee for more than 25 years. He lectured at many of the conventions and attended every convention until his passing.

Dr. Boucher has served as Secretary and President of the ANPBC and probably every committee. He served as President and Secretary and most any committee of the CNA. He is one of the founding members of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where he served as President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees and was a Professor at NCNM for many years. Dr. Boucher has given extensive time to the profession and has contributed finances generously.

The newest Naturopathic Medical College, Boucher Institute, is named after Dr. Boucher and the naturopathic research society CNERS (now INERS), was founded in his honour, after his passing.

NWNPC Attendees

A convention that has endured for 47 years is bound to have enjoyed the long time support of it’s membership Tonight we are pleased to award two long-time attendees of the NWNPC.

As far as we can tell Dr. Radalet has attended every convention held, quietly gracing the front rows of the lecture hall. Dr. Radalet graduated from NCNM and practiced in both Washington and Oregon. She joins us from Beaverton, Oregon.

Dr. Gerry Farnsworth and Dr. Irv MillerDr. Irv Miller has also been a longtime attendee of the NWNPC. He has supported the profession generously, both financially and innovatively. Dr. Miller joins us from Graham, Washington.

NWNPC Professional Achievement

The following category was developed to honour individuals not directly linked to the NWNPC. That criteria wasn’t exactly followed with our choice tonight. The recipient of this award has been involved in the Northwest Convention in both an organizational role and as that of a speaker. But his achievements go beyond the NWNPC.

Dr. Jared Zeff and Dr. Kelly FarnsworthThis gentleman epitomizes naturopathic philosophy and indeed it is our philosophy that distinguishes us as naturopathic physicians. You had a glimpse into his insight this weekend but his role in clarifying naturopathic philosophy was honed at NCNM as an instructor and solidified in the body of work that he helped to create to define naturopathic medicine. Please join me in honouring Dr. Jared Zeff in the category of Professional achievement.

NWNPC Contributor

The Contributor category in the NWNPC Hall of Fame provides us the opportunity to extend our appreciation to an individual who has attended many Northwest conventions, lectured at the Northwest and has particpated in each of the last three BC conventions. In addition, this gentleman gives genourously of his time to support the Naturopathic profession, having served on Board postitions and working diligently on commitees. Please join me in honouring our British Columbia Master of Ceremonies, Dr. David Bayley.

NWNPC Corporate Supporters

We are delighted tonight to pay special tribute to two Corporate supporters that have consistently supported both the NWNPC and the Naturopathic profession at large. The success of the NWNPC is dependent upon the particpation of our exhibitors.

Dr. Scott Tyler (on behalf of Ecotrend Ecologics), Dr. Kelly Farnsworth and Julie Spencer (from Thorne Research)These companies have risen above this challenge to sponsor addditional functions to ensure the success of the naturopathic profession. To limit our acknowledgement to “Corporate” would be an injustice to the people who make the difference at two of our greatest supporters. Please join me in extending our appreciation to Julie Spencer from Thorne Research and Dr. Scott Tyler, accepting on behalf of Ecotrend Ecologics.