Hall of Fame

NWNPC Attendees

A convention that has endured for 47 years is bound to have enjoyed the long time support of it’s membership Tonight we are pleased to award two long-time attendees of the NWNPC.

As far as we can tell Dr. Radalet has attended every convention held, quietly gracing the front rows of the lecture hall. Dr. Radalet graduated from NCNM and practiced in both Washington and Oregon. She joins us from Beaverton, Oregon.

Dr. Gerry Farnsworth and Dr. Irv MillerDr. Irv Miller has also been a longtime attendee of the NWNPC. He has supported the profession generously, both financially and innovatively. Dr. Miller joins us from Graham, Washington.

NWNPC Professional Achievement

The following category was developed to honour individuals not directly linked to the NWNPC. That criteria wasn’t exactly followed with our choice tonight. The recipient of this award has been involved in the Northwest Convention in both an organizational role and as that of a speaker. But his achievements go beyond the NWNPC.

Dr. Jared Zeff and Dr. Kelly FarnsworthThis gentleman epitomizes naturopathic philosophy and indeed it is our philosophy that distinguishes us as naturopathic physicians. You had a glimpse into his insight this weekend but his role in clarifying naturopathic philosophy was honed at NCNM as an instructor and solidified in the body of work that he helped to create to define naturopathic medicine. Please join me in honouring Dr. Jared Zeff in the category of Professional achievement.

NWNPC Contributor

The Contributor category in the NWNPC Hall of Fame provides us the opportunity to extend our appreciation to an individual who has attended many Northwest conventions, lectured at the Northwest and has particpated in each of the last three BC conventions. In addition, this gentleman gives genourously of his time to support the Naturopathic profession, having served on Board postitions and working diligently on commitees. Please join me in honouring our British Columbia Master of Ceremonies, Dr. David Bayley.

NWNPC Corporate Supporters

We are delighted tonight to pay special tribute to two Corporate supporters that have consistently supported both the NWNPC and the Naturopathic profession at large. The success of the NWNPC is dependent upon the particpation of our exhibitors.

Dr. Scott Tyler (on behalf of Ecotrend Ecologics), Dr. Kelly Farnsworth and Julie Spencer (from Thorne Research)These companies have risen above this challenge to sponsor addditional functions to ensure the success of the naturopathic profession. To limit our acknowledgement to “Corporate” would be an injustice to the people who make the difference at two of our greatest supporters. Please join me in extending our appreciation to Julie Spencer from Thorne Research and Dr. Scott Tyler, accepting on behalf of Ecotrend Ecologics.