Hall of Fame

NWNPC Builders

Organizing this conference requires hundreds of hours of dedication. Meeting the standards established by conventions-past requires imagination, innovation and diligence. Doing so every two years requires stamina and commitment. These are the qualities demonstrated by our first inductee in the category of NWNPC builder; Dr. Karl Peterson.

Dr. Karl Peterson and Dr. Todd FarnsworthAt the conclusion of each of the last three Seattle conventions, Dr. Peterson has given us notice that he doesn’t want to organize the next Washington convention. Then, a few months go by and without being asked he and Dawn are thinking about who would be great keynote speakers (remember Dr. Heimlich) and what social events would draw us closer (remember casino nights and the 50′s dinner). Karl is an amazing man. Karl delivers.

One of the reasons the NWNPC is so successful is because of its continuity. You can count on it. The convention is held each spring and consistently delivers quality and entertainment. This is no accident. Stability starts at the top. We have had the luxury of having a group of experienced leaders on the NWC committee. In particular we have had the stalwart direction of a man of boundless energy, unique wisdom and most importantly, experience.

Dr. Todd Farnsworth and Dr. Gerry FarnsworthPlease join me in honouring Dr. Gerald R. Farnsworth as a Hall of Fame NWNPC Builder. Dr. Gerry has been at the helm of our ship for 47 years! He has served as the chair of the committee and still gives us direction and input that ensures success. He has organized conventions, lectured at conventions, been the M.C. of conventions, spearheaded hospitality rooms and promoted the convention, as he has the profession, with all of his heart. Congratulations Dr. Gerry.