Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame was developed to recognize outstanding contributors to the NWNPC. On April 27, 2002, aboard the MV Brittania in the inner harbours of Vancouver, B.C., a total of thirteen individuals and two companies were inducted into the Hall of Fame during the inaugural ceremonies. Following are pictures of the Hall of Fame inductees and the induction ceremony biographies.

NWNPC Honorary Inductees

The following three individuals have contributed to the success of the NWNPC by working diligently, usually behind the scenes. Please welcome Dawn Peterson, Pat Hutchinson and Glenn Cassie in the category of Honorary Supporters of the NWNPC.

Dawn Peterson, Pat Hutchinson and Glenn CassieDawn Peterson’s efforts have contributed to the endurance of the NWNPC at a time when Washington played host every second year to the conference. Her countless hours, direct and indirect support and finishing touches played an integral role in the growing success of the convention.

Pat Hutchinson has participated in three of the last four NWPNC in British Columbia. She has arranged speakers, organized registrations, helped with accounting needs and performed countless other duties to ensure the success of the conference.

Glenn Cassie has been instrumental to the development of the NWNPC. He has undertaken numerous tasks necassary to coordinate a conference of this magnitude. He has been innovative in organizing events such as the Medical Equipment Swap Meet. Through all of this expertise and enthusiam Glenn remains the consumate profesional.