NWNPC has established awards to recognize the distinguished service of members of our community.

Award Winners

Gerald Ross Farnsworth Award

The Dr. Gerald Ross Farnsworth Award is presented for outstanding dedication and service to the naturopathic medical profession.

2014Dr. David Bayley, ND
2013David J. Schleich, PhD
2012Dr. Allen Tyler
2011Dr. Chris Turner (Inaugural winner)

Kenneth Freeman Harmon Award

The Dr. Kenneth Freeman Harmon award is presented for excellence in applying the core principals of naturopathic medicine in family practice.

2014Dr. Ted Sleigh, ND
2013Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg, ND
2012Dr. Russell Kolbo (Inaugural winner)


Do you have candidates that you would like to nominate for these Distinguished Service Awards? We want to hear from you! Go to the Nominations page and tell us about your selection.